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Brick House Mural Project

The Brick House Mural Project is an art installation on the side of a brick cornerstone building, located in the north side of Corning’s Gaffer District. The project is part of the ongoing efforts to beautify this section of the Gaffer District and re-build its reputation as an important part of the history and culture of the Corning.

Murals build a sense of community. They make it welcoming and walk-able. They make you want to go there and experience them. Their deeper value lies in the conversations they create and the connections they build. They tell the stories of individuals, neighborhoods, and the cities in which they are located.

Following the lead of a multitude of towns and cities across the globe, our mural will not be just a strong drawing feature for tourism. It will be a constant reminder that Art is very much a part of the culture here. When one visits the site of a mural it appears as an oasis of positive energy and tidiness in an otherwise bleak and tired area. It feels safe and very much like a “Welcome Mat”.

Using techniques designed to “fool-the-eye” (Trompe L’oeil), professional muralist Brett Steeves (link - will create a mural full of Corning history and heritage. Local residents will enjoy a sense of pride as they see and share the mural with friends and family. For many tourists this will be their first introduction to Corning as they enter the Gaffer district from the North.

Brett Steeves has been painting murals, both commercial and residential, at locations up and down the eastern coast of United States for more than 20 years. Before that, beginning in 1978 he worked in other mediums. He has been commissioned to create themed building facades and interior murals by private individuals, designers, developers, business owner, museums, and government agencies."

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We appreciate ANY and ALL pledges as there is no way we will meet our goal by June 20th without the support of the community. As you look at the website, you will see we have created a bunch of really cool gifts to give to our backers once the project gets funded. Thanks so much (in advance) for your help and for sharing our information! Karin Fice 607-738-1313

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